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Sitz: private rehearsals of entire musicals with a 70-piece orchestra and 100 singers

A Sitz is a private rehearsal of an entire musical. Over the course of a single day, over 100 singers and musicians come together to rehearse a score of a musical. They are entirely private events where participants can gain professional-level experience without the pressure of an audience. At their heart, Sitzes are all about sharing in the joy of playing and singing your favourite musicals with like-minded individuals.

Sitzes take place once a month at Bishopsgate Institute, where LMTO is Orchestra-in-Residence, and membership is free.

You must be over 18 to join.


Strings, Woodwind, Brass, Rhythm

Sitzes are first part of the LMTO musician development programme. The day is designed around young professionals who want to gain experience playing musical theatre repertoire, but is open to all with a passion for the genre.

Becoming a member of Sitz will also give you access to the Sandy and Zorica Glen Workshops – a series of instrumental masterclasses with members of the London Musical Theatre Orchestra.

Minimum standard: beyond Grade 8

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

Each Sitz involves a huge chorus (up to 120 singers) and a group of soloists. They are ideal for anyone looking to gain experience in singing in harmony and to expand their knowledge of the musical theatre repertoire. And hey, it’s not every day you get to sing with a symphonic-sized orchestra.

Singers don’t need to be sight-readers to take part.

The best singers identified at Sitzes are selected to form the LMTO Chorus, which performs at our public concerts.


Orchestrators, Arrangers, Musical Directors

Four Sitzes each year are brand new orchestrations – written especially for us. These might include a complete reimagining of a well-known score or the expansion of a small arrangement for a 60-piece orchestra. We are always looking for new orchestrators to join our ranks and help create the iconic Sitz sound.

Each Sitz has an MD, AMD and repetiteur running the day. You’ll need to be a confident music leader, be a lightning fast and clear teacher and be comfortable guiding large groups through complex material. Once you’re a member, get in touch with to register your interest.

Become a member for free

To take part in a Sitz, you must be a member. Once you’re a member, you will be sent an email before each Sitz announcing the show and the available parts. You are able to apply for as many Sitzes as you like.

There are no prerequisites and no auditions: all welcome to apply. We ask successful applicants to pay £20 to cover venue and music hire.


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I have gained invaluable experience at the monthly Sitzes and the professional shows, learning from the West End performers and musicians, leading to my dream job at The Phantom of the Opera in the West End. I wouldn’t be the musician I am today if I had not seen the very Facebook post that started it all!

Catrin Meek

LMTO has given me such a wide range of experience, as well as helping me make invaluable contacts and friends, including West End players and professional composers and orchestrators. Without having had LMTO to give me such experience and opportunities during my studies and early career, I would not be where I am today, for which I will be forever grateful.

Matt Smith
Trombone, Orchestrator and Copyist

Without the experience LMTO afforded me, I would never have had the confidence, let alone the contacts, to start building a career in the industry which made me want to play music in the first place. From the outside, the West End seems an impenetrable place, but LMTO has helped open the door for me and many other musicians.

Frances Leith

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