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Developing musicians

At LMTO we are committed to supporting the next generation of musical theatre players.

Our development scheme is at the heart of who we are. Every time the orchestra performs, at least 15% of the players in the orchestra are young developing professional musicians.

We work with some of the best students and recent graduates from UK conservatoires, giving them unparalleled opportunities to gain professional experience and create a network of industry contacts.

Thanks to LMTO, recent alumni can now be found playing in pits across the West End and local theatres, including The Phantom of the OperaWicked, The Lion King, Miss SaigonLes Misérables and many others besides.


Finding the stars of the future

Our development programme starts with Sitz. We meet just over 400 musicians every year at Sitzes, and from that group we select the most promising individuals to join LMTO in concert.

The selection process is further supported by the Sandy and Zorica Glen Workshops. At each of these workshops, we invite a member of LMTO to lead a masterclass in a certain area – with topics ranging from symphonic strings to commercial horns.

The selection criteria is a simple question: do we believe a certain developing musician will impress the top flight professional they sit next to?

A career kick-starting experience

The selected developing players (known as “devs”) join LMTO for a number of concerts, and are paired with one of our established players (“tabs”).

Sitting next to a world-class player is the fastest way to improve your playing. As well as being an exceptional learning opportunity, the devs are able to develop their industry network – and as the old saying goes: work leads to work leads to work.

The dev/tab relationship often turns into a mentoring opportunity outside the orchestra, providing a lasting and meaningful source of advice, support and guidance.


What our devs have to say:

I have gained invaluable experience at the monthly Sitzes and the professional shows, learning from the West End performers and musicians, leading to my dream job at The Phantom of the Opera in the West End. I wouldn’t be the musician I am today if I had not seen the very Facebook post that started it all!

Catrin Meek

LMTO has given me such a wide range of experience, as well as helping me make invaluable contacts and friends, including West End players and professional composers and orchestrators.

Without having had LMTO to give me such experience and opportunities during my studies and early career, I would not be where I am today, for which I will be forever grateful.

Matt Smith
Trombone, Orchestrator and Copyist

Without the experience LMTO afforded me, I would never have had the confidence, let alone the contacts, to start building a career in the industry which made me want to play music in the first place. From the outside, the West End seems an impenetrable place, but LMTO has helped open the door for me and many other musicians.

Frances Leith

Trusts & Foundations

We welcome all enquiries from interested Trusts and Foundations who have a passion for supporting the arts, and for the development of talented musicians. At this early stage, the most welcome gifts are unrestricted funds, but as LMTO grows we look forward to being able to offer specific areas of funding needs, such as sponsoring a chair in a concert for an up and coming musician.


Corporate Partnerships

As well as philanthropic gifts, we also offer plenty of unique and prominent sponsorship opportunities. As the availability of these opportunities changes regularly, please get in touch below.

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